Comics - Enter: Mario pt.3 - February 16th, 2008, 12:30 pm

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megafonzie, February 16th, 2008, 12:35 pm

if I could favorite this twice, I would.

megafonzie, February 16th, 2008, 12:37 pm

also, how do you put links on your site? I would like to link to you

MEEP GOD, February 16th, 2008, 12:43 pm

mario.....your an *BEEP*

Afrohawkman, February 16th, 2008, 2:05 pm

PM me mega on what comic you want to link to, 'cause I see you're an author of a couple.

megafonzie, February 16th, 2008, 2:08 pm


megafonzie, February 16th, 2008, 8:54 pm

i am an affiliate now.

Briianz, February 17th, 2008, 2:28 am

Quick...To the Favorites Buttom!! *Clicks on add to Favorites*

Max Kodan, February 18th, 2008, 11:27 am

I've got to say, this is one of the best sprite comics I've seen so far. Maybe it's because you've gotten past 2-d 16 bit sprites o.o;

megafonzie, February 18th, 2008, 12:29 pm

nice new design.

Afrohawkman, February 18th, 2008, 3:33 pm

Thanks Max! 'Preciate the critizism.

And thank you too Megafonzie. Worked on it for a little bit so I'm glad someone likes it. =D

However, it's not complete. I'm still working on it. You'll know when it is, trust me.

megafonzie, February 18th, 2008, 4:41 pm

let me guess... are you changing the blue background?

megafonzie, February 18th, 2008, 4:42 pm

btw, can you please help me with mine when you are done yours?

Afrohawkman, February 18th, 2008, 6:58 pm

No, and I'll think about it. Doubt it though.

Also, if I haven't made a comment to one of your questions, you don't need to double post. Just edit the current one.

megafonzie, February 18th, 2008, 7:17 pm

sorry, I forgot about the edit button.

but yeah, I thought that it wouldn't be likely that you would help me, I just wanna have a cool and original site design that nobody else does. I'll look around for help.

edit: I got something up, but it's not much.


take a look.

rosalina moon, October 31st, 2008, 4:35 pm


that was my T.V.!!!
Luigi was just barrowing it!!!

i gota go kill mario now.

kirby (Guest), August 19th, 2009, 12:41 pm

poor luigi

HaunterPwnsU (Guest), August 10th, 2010, 7:34 am

NUUUUUUU! MY TV! MY PLASMA TV! I GAVE IT TO LUIGI FOR THE DAY, MARIO!! Mario:Yeah? What you gonna do about it? Poke me with a stick till I die? Me:No. *takes bazooka* Mario:OH SHI-*BOOM*

Multikirby, December 3rd, 2010, 3:01 pm

I'll get u a new tv! Mario u bastud

murumokirby360 (Guest), June 17th, 2012, 9:20 am

How dare you destroy Luigi's TV mario!

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