February 20th, 2008, 2:54 pm


So I'm sitting in my IT class and we're learning about cases. Like if x = 4 or something, then display "x = 4". Anyway, we just learned how to use a switch statement to figure out how to change based on day.

And that's when it hit me. What if...what if we could change the banner...EVERY...DAY...

Hehehehe...think I'm can't do it? HA! Well, the code's already in motion, tested even WITH the image map! Me and Yakman are currently making the banners right now, one for each day of the week.

Crazy? Yeah. Waste of time? Maybe. Fun? HELL YES!!!

Anyway, probably won't actually go into action on the page until we have all the custom pages we want. Probably make the banners yes, but may not be put into motion. You get the idea.


Oiels (Guest), May 7th, 2012, 6:05 pm

Oiels to help the poor the needy the blind the sick and the less fortunate. Our cotruny has lost its morals. Just now when the middle class and the young start feeling the pinch do we march and get organized. Truth is the homeless and poor have been struggling for years with out a voice.Seems quite unfair we have huge parks and recreation areas and people hungry or living on the streets. I began working at 16 and never stopped other than the few times I could not get work. With no education(8th grade) somehow I have been able to struggle along. Its sad to know that if I had went into debt to some college institution that I possibly would be no better off now than I am.The youth of America are standing up against politicians,corporations and institutions that have taken and not given back. Sure they make laws and try to help but to no avail. nothing seems to work. Lots of people voted president Obama into office in hopes that maybe he could turn things around yet all they got was more cronyism. How can we send billions over seas then want to cut ssi here at home because we cant afford it anymore? How can colleges add 8 % yearly to their tuition cost then stack students up in dorms 4 deep that were made for 2 students,all the while building lavish halls and pools and tennis courts and never applying any of it to higher learning.Our own local government spends millions every year on new parks and buildings to gain more tourist dollars,while we have children going to school with dirty clothes and hungry stomachs because mom and dad have resorted to living in a car. All the while scared waiting to being charged with abuse and praying they are so that maybe their children will be able to eat tonight.People are losing their jobs and homes and all the haves can say is they are lazy and to go get a job.Many are laden with having to pay back school loans and can not find gainful employment in their fields because of out sourcing.Many jobs today that are available would never come close to supporting a lone person let alone a family or pay back a 100,000 dollar loan. Many were only misled into fields that no longer exist in this cotruny by greedy institutions eager to accept government guaranteed pay for students who could not afford college on their own, just to send them out with useless degrees some of which still can not properly read or write.Why accept them if they can not even start to begin to understand the curriculum? GREED!!! Sadly many of our youth do not believe in creation,or even saying the pledge of allegiance in schools. The bible is based on morals and much of the demands are fully addressed in it pertaining to charity and a moral society. Free will allows us to make decisions and bear the consequences.We must help the less fortunate and yes even the lazy. Free will allows them to be what they are. if we all who wanted to work could and we stopped sending so much to other countries we could afford all kinds of at home charity. What keeps every one from becoming lazy? Nothing, but soon enough people just would be bored of doing nothing and get uot and do something. I wish we could get back to the bartering system and give the root of all evil back to politicians they want it all any way and they are going to take it all any way.God bless America! oops just offended many,oh well to hell with political correctness also,but that is another rant for later.

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