August 3rd, 2010, 11:55 am

Author Applications

Alright guys, before I post up exactly what you need to do, here's a few tidbits of information to help those who are confused.

What's going on

This will pretty much be a multi-author comic site. Each author will have their own comic(s) and their own pages to do what they want with them. This means you'll have just about all the same features as you would premium status here at SmackJeeves, though you will not have your own URL and you won't have super special advertising like you do here. You'll be on the front page, but remember, we'll have different traffic than SJ does.

Most likely we'll keep our comics on this site as well. Whether or not we'll continue updating on this site will be debated once the team is created. I would like no one to comment on this as I want the entire team to decide on this, not the fans. You guys would have a little bias, no offense.

The team will most likely consist of 7-8 members, including myself and LoneAlchemist. That leaves about 5-6 spots, give or take 1 or 2 depending on how many applications we get and how good those applications are.

Stuff we really don't care about

These are basically things that your comic may have that we really don't mind you having. In other words, having these things won't hurt your chances.

- Sonic/Megaman/-insert popular character name here- comics: As long as it's got a unique spin on it, it won't hurt your chances to have these guys in your comics.
- Art style: A good art style certainly helps you here, I'll say that. But if you don't have the greatest effects but still have a good comic, we'd still love to have you. Just beware that having awesome effects but a terrible story DOES hurt you.
- Update schedule: I cannot stress this enough. It's perfectly fine if you don't update a whole lot. I completely understand. I want you to update as it looks good and I will probably be a fan of your comic, but it's perfectly fine if you're not a solid updater. It happens. We'll discuss this more when the team meets though. I don't expect everyone to update all the time, but someone needs to.
- Experience: It's nice to see experienced authors, but I'd like to give everyone a chance. If you run good comics then your experience doesn't really matter.
- Current number of comics: By comics I mean this in the number of strips one comic has. If it has potential, it doesn't matter how many you have. Though you should probably have more than 20 so I can see whether it's going somewhere or not.


Basically, here's what we're looking for in authors.

- Dedicated, friendly people: And by dedicated I don't mean by update schedule. Again, look at my schedule. But that does mean that you can't just be lazy. I can understand writer's block or life getting in the way but not writing just because isn't being dedicated. By friendly I just mean you're not a jerk. If you are a jerk...well then you better have a good comic. (example: LoneAlchemist) :3
- Social authors: You don't have to comment on like every post, but it's good to see authors interacting with their fans and fellow authors. It shows humility and respect. If not then just regular news posts is always a good thing. We're probably going to get a forum so it'd be nice to see interaction there too.
- Good spelling and grammar: What? What?! Is it wrong to ask for people who spell nicely?! Haha but seriously guys, good spelling and grammar just makes you look professional. Every now and then you miss things and that's fine, but if it's obvious, it negatively reflects on yourself and the rest of the site in some cases.

Actually that's pretty much all we're looking for in authors. We don't have a whole lot of qualifications.

As for comics themselves, I'd actually like to keep that secret. I want a lot of different authors to apply. The only thing I'd probably note is that author comics probably will not make their way through. I'm sure you can guess why.


Basically, PM me with the following:

Name: (Not your real one)
Preferred Name: (If you want to shorten or change your name, now would be the time)
Age: (This won't effect your application, it'd just be nice to know. You don't have to say if you don't want to)
Timezone: (I have my reasons)
Webcomic Experience: (Both reading and creating)
Link to your best work: (The entire comic, not just a single strip)
Why you want to be on the team: (Be specific)
About yourself: (Tell us anything you wish for us to know)
Final comments: (This is up to you what you want to put here. You don't have to put anything really)

I will stop accepting applications on August 14th 11:59 EST. From then you'll here from me about what will occur. Good luck everyone!


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